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Thousands of people across the world use Spendify

Personal finance for everyday smart decisions.

Manage your personal finance through the web, and mobile devices.

The right decision can be easy with our awesome features

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Budget Manager

Your daily finance manager for all your daily transactions and personal budgets, no need for pen and paper or an excel sheet.

Income and Expense Tracker

Easily get your transactions tracked on the go and be in charge of your income & expense.

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Periodic Reports

Ease check on one weekly, monthly, and yearly reports with graphical and statistical representations that have meaning to users.

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Keep Digital Records of Expenses & Transactions

Scan and save at ease your receipt as proof of expense. Share expense receipts as proof with friends, family, employer, and business associates for reimbursement.

Be unique, make the impossible possible from your mobile devices

Spendify for the future

Spendify is a smart personal finance Artificial Intelligence (AI) mobile and web application built to enable users to plan, monitor & save to make an informed decision on their finances.

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Simple Steps For Using Spendify

Using Spendify

Download Spendify from your preferred mobile application store. You can as well Sign-Up here.

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Start to use our numerous countless features to track your expense and make your financial budget plan.

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The simple, intuitive, and powerful expense tracker and budget app to manage your financial life. See how it looks:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Spendify?

It is your finance management app that focuses on guiding you to make better use of your money. It analyses users’ financial situation based on available personal financial transactions information stored manually or integrated on your mobile phone. decisions, rather provide AI-based options to make simple and effective financial decisions.

What are Spendify AI Indicators?

We are not here to control your spending decisions but with the help of our AI indicators – your record being “red & green" on the application, you will receive a notification that prompts you to review your expenses and income and compare them with your financial plan. It helps you to know your true daily financial status with or without bank statements based on your commitment.

How easily can I recover my lost information or data?

This can be restored if you have activated or allowed the mobile app to save information for you. It can be easily recovered

Can I save my receipts as a backup for my transactions?

Receipts can be saved and stored alongside transaction activities. Scan copies of receipts from your mobile phone or devices for proper documentation, and storage and stay organized.


Don't take our word for it, take theirs

It doesn't have to be this way indefinitely. These people were able to change their financial situation around, and you can too.

Budgeting made life easy

It is very helpful in displaying your money habits.

Ajibike Jimoh


Guidance and Perfect Checker

Spendify is simply the best expense tracker that fit into my personal budgetary control system. I can call it 'a good guidance and perfect checker'.

A Google User


Spendify App is a must have Application

Wow, it is very important in this current situation of economic meltdown

Sadiq Suleiman


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